As Einstein so poignantly observed, information is not knowledge. Knowledge is only gained by experience. We therefore created ReikiScienceTM , a new advanced Reiki training program that focusses on a deeper understanding of the Reiki symbols, helps to open the Tanden centres, and aligns us more with these higher vibrational frequencies of Reiki. All teachings are based in traditional Usui Reiki.


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A dream has come true: We finally have independent scientific proof of Reiki!


Of course, we Reiki practitioners didn’t really need that. We have proof of it on a daily basis! But the world is full of sceptics (often including our closest friends and family) – and to be able to give them some independent evidence can make a huge difference. They might in the end even agree to give Reiki a try…


At last, we have independent scientific verification of the effects of Reiki.


This website is designed to give a brief overview of the research and its conclusions.

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ReikiScience is an ongoing project and this website is regularly updated.


Torsten A. Lange, Reiki Master, Hay House Author,

Founder of The Reiki Academy and ReikiScience

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"The World's First Scientific Proof Of Reiki"

water test 2





Torsten conducting a Reiki Water experiment



So far, evidence has mainly been anecdotal. Although this is perfectly acceptable, and the sheer number of anecdotes should be convincing enough, the results of a Reiki treatment are often difficult to evaluate or measure.


For years, I therefore asked my students at the Reiki Academy in London to do a simple experiment: Fill two glasses with tap water, give Reiki to one of them for a few minutes, and taste the difference. Absolutely everyone noticed the improvement in taste, and many shared it with their incredulous families…


Still, scientists would argue that this might be a placebo effect – even though blind tastings should be enough to rule this out. But what if we found a scientific method that could verify and measure the change?


Conventional water analysis, as subsequently turned out, does not have the technology to sufficiently measure the changes. The main improvement lies in turning the water slightly more alkaline (which already is proof that the healing qualities improve), but it wouldn’t explain the significant change in taste.


Searching (literally) most of the world for a laboratory with an appropriate method, in summer 2018 I finally teamed up with a laboratory in Switzerland that specialises in certifying the quality of drinking water.



The scientific approach


As the research was conducted by an independent laboratory, and under supervision of the director, the setting fulfilled scientific requirements. The method (see below) had been developed by the laboratory over 25 years and tens of thousands of water analyses concluded. This would give the Reiki tests independent credibility as they can be compared to results from other water analyses and water-enhancing experiments.



The traditional model of a scientific method was applied: Hypothesis based on observation – experimental verification - open-minded analysis of results - comparison with other research results - interpretation





Our hypothesis was simple – and based on the changes on taste reported by so many people after comparing normal tap water before and after a Reiki treatment: Water changes after subjected to a Reiki treatment.





The Swiss/German laboratory that carried out the experiment uses a method by which the water to be tested is distilled; the residue (minerals and trace elements) then calcinated over high heat to eliminate any organic material; the minerals then re-inserted into the water and left to form crystalline shapes; and finally a drop of the water placed on a glass dish and left to dry. The structure of the crystals left on the glass is then analysed under a microscope.


The crystallization takes place at room temperature, at no time is the water frozen.


By comparing crystalline shapes of water samples from a variety of sources (spring water, mountain water, samples from lakes and rivers, as well as tap water and polluted water) the laboratory has established a method to categorize different qualities. The measuring table ranges from 1 (high quality natural spring water)  to 6 (heavily polluted, artificially changed water).



Results and Conclusions of Reiki Tests on water


1.CHANGE: The shape of crystals after Reiki treatment proved that tap water reverts back to a similar quality as spring water. The change that Reiki brings is visible – and the test entirely reproducible.


2.IMPROVEMENT: In every experiment, the quality of water significantly improved. In other words, Reiki always brings positive change. It brings healing.


3.DISTANCE EFFECT: Reiki also works over a distance. Sending it from London to Switzerland had the same effect.
























We found the world’s first scientific proof of Reiki – detectable for everybody at a glance.


The crystalline structure indicating natural spring water shows 60-degree angles, often in organic or star shapes. In artificially purified water (e.g. tap water), the information of pollutants is still present, and the shape shows 90-degree angles or distortion. As we can clearly see in the images taken under a microscope, the structure of tap water reverses after Reiki. The life force is back in the water

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1. The Research


Before Reiki - Water Quality Category 3.1

After Reiki - Water Quality Category 2.1

And yet, the biggest breakthrough was still to come…


Not only were we able to show a before-and-after effect of Reiki treatments, but also that the use of the traditional three Reiki symbols made a huge difference! The shapes and sizes of the crystals changed significantly with each symbol. This means, we have proof that Reiki works on different vibrational levels. One could say we discovered the science within Reiki.


The foundation is the understanding of the Tanden centres, the three main energy centres (or chakras) in the body. The Reiki symbols correspond to these and are designed to open them and make us more receptive to universal guidance.


The key findings in my research are:


1.Level of FORM: The crystalline structure in the water after the use of the Power Symbol indicates physical healing and change.


2.Level of SPIRIT: The Harmony Symbol points to balance and perception (or intuition).


3.ONENESS: And, most strikingly, the Connection Symbol created such large crystals that they physically touched.


One could as far to say that we now have proof of a spiritual dimension!


Unknown for many decades, this really is what the original system of Reiki was all about: Aligning with different vibrational levels in the universe – for the level of form (physical healing and change), the level of spirit (balance, guidance, spiritual understanding), and the level of oneness (realizing that all life is connected, and tapping into applied quantum physics – as we do in distant healing, bridging time and space).


Here are the stunning before-and-after images of the Reiki water tests using symbols:





















2. The Science Within Reiki


3. ReikiScience Training

About Torsten

Torsten A. Lange is founder and director of The Reiki Academy in London, an international speaker and workshop facilitator, and the only Hay House author for Reiki. He has done extensive research into the history and spiritual foundations of Reiki, and taught thousands of students worldwide. And, last but not least, he credits Reiki with saving his life and bringing it back on track!


After graduating from Hamburg University with a Masters Degree in Political Sciences, he began his career as an entrepreneur with businesses in Germany and UK, and a wholesale operation to the USA. Due to unforeseen circumstances, when he was in his 30s his business collapsed, and he was made bankrupt, homeless, and on the verge of ending his life. This situation lasted for years – but the day Reiki came into his life (and it literally was the very day), it turned for the better.


Amazed and puzzled how an “energy therapy” could bring such change, he decided to explore this further and started his journey of discovering the spirituality behind the Reiki. His research revealed new information about the Reiki history in Japan and led him to finding the world’s first independent scientific proof of Reiki.

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